Monday, September 13, 2010

How do I verbs my plasma computer monitor peak?

I know that I can't use windex or any cup cleaning products on it but what can I use to get it verbs? It is so dirty!


There are cleaning products especially for lcds and moniters. Go buy one in the store. You usually enjoy to spray it on the cloth first be for you wipe the screen.
Hi I didnt know the answer so I looked on the lattice, thanks for helping me to find out, lol!

To verbs the LCD screen we recommend that you use a soft cotton cloth; if a dry cloth does not completely verbs the screen, you can apply rubbing alcohol to the cloth and wipe the eyeshade with the humid cloth. Rubbing alcohol is actually used to verbs the LCD before it leaves the factory.
For results that will not defile the screen use hose down only.

Moist a soft cloth and wipe contained by a left to right and up & down motion.

Household cleaners will sickly the screen on the long run, unlesss recomended by the factory owner of the plasma screen.
u stipulation to go to a computer store and buy a special monitor cleaner secure to do this dont use windex or nothing approaching that at all i hear red cleaner is good but i wouldnt recommend this for i own not tryed it

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