Friday, September 17, 2010

How to find dual LCD monitor and projector eyeshade?

The LCD monitor go to the graphic card. The onboard display card is disabled. Since the pictographic card came beside a vga and a dvi, and the the vga goes to the lcd, after do i need to find a converter to plug my projector to the dvi?

Or is it possible to enable the onboard card to plug the projector?

Or how going on for i go find an prehistoric pci graphic card to plug on the pci slot i.e. available? Thks!


You would need a converter. But doesn't your LCD hold DVI? If it does I would put it on the DVI and have the projector on the VGA. That route the digital would stay digital and the analog would stay analog.
It should work. The DVI on most video cards is DVI-I which has digital and analog signals on it, so a converter that take the analog signals of the DVI connector and put it onto a VGA connector will work.

Make sure that you drive the projector at the right resolution.

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