Friday, September 17, 2010

I enjoy a 20 contained by. LCD TV, I would approaching to know if I can use it as a monitor?

it's a polaroid and have no input for computer monitor, so I was wondering if in attendance might be a cable that goes from your video card to a component input possibly? just a shot surrounded by the dark, I would a bit invest in a cable than a video card but I'll lift any info. thanks for the aid.


Some video cards support component video output on the VGA or DVI connector, you need to look at the video card specifications.

If you card does not support component video later no cable is going to be able to convert the RGB signal out of your computer into a Y,Pr,Pb signal that the component video input requires.
If your Video Card have S-Video out, and your TV has S-Video within you can.

There is also an adapter that will convert your VGA plug in to an S-Video, so if the TV have the S-Video in you should know how to...
does your video card have a video component output?My cheap little crappy radeon 9550 have one, works great with my mitsubishi lcd.
It depends on your TV. You hold to be able to own the proper input and output cables. I hold a HP Pavillion Media Center Computer that works with my TV.

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