Friday, September 17, 2010

How to conect your conputer to your tv?


You'll involve to see if your computer has a TV-Out socket. If it have, use an S-Video lead to connect it to the TV (sometimes they enjoy an adapter as well that let you connect it to the composite socket) and start up the computer with the TV plugged into it. Put the TV on AV3 (or anything channel it is for the composite input) and it will come on.
next to the proper cable...more info is needed to answer this
you'll need a s-video cble, and a s-video port on your computer and tv
you one and only need a head but why would you want to a computer monitor is far better detail and stuff... that is bearing you pay around twice the price of matching size screen. i am guessing you wanna monitor films which is far.
you need to fix a tv card contained by ur computer if it is not fixed already and then you stipulation to connect it with the tv next to the proper cable or scart leed.
You are not going to connect my computer to a TV is that understood?

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