Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I simply bought a S-Video connecter to connect my TV to my laptop. It works, but theres no color...any aid?


Hiya S,

S-Video sends the brightness signal and the color signal on different wires. A bent pin on the cable could be the grounds, but the cable is new so it may be one and only using 4 of the 7 pins. In order to display color from a laptop to a TV, some S-Video cable need to hold a modular block in it.

Here is a photo of a laptop compatible modular block adapter that can be used beside S-Video or RCA connectors to display to a TV in color :


It is manufactured by Dell, it is IBM PC clone compatible. I hold several and one is always attached to my computer for Video occupation purposes.

for more information on Black and White laptop to TV display problems, visit this relation to the videohelp forum:


I hope this helps you grasp it working.


PS. Before spending any money i would test the cable by trying a different TV first.
Sounds similar to you bent a pin plugging it in.
the singular anser is old tv . i have the same problem n i ruminate it becaus e the tv is old and does not hold the required decoder for the picture hence why it comes out in black and white

if your tv is elderly im talking departed 2003 (when it was made) consequently most likly this is the problem

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