Friday, September 17, 2010

I bought a secondhand monitor to work next to my laptop?

It is a dell trinitron CRT monitor to work near my dell inspiron laptop.It worked perfectly to start beside and still works with my infirm compaq computer but I can't get it to work beside the laptop anymore.Can anyone help?


I guess you've checked the following:

. That you've switched the video output to the d-sub connector on the laptop (using Fn and whichever Fkey select the swap video from internal display to the external video). Or it's in dual-screen mode.

. That you are using a resolution for the external monitor explicitly in-range for the monitor.

If you are, as the monitor works with another computer it points to a mistake in the Inspiron... that it's external video have failed within some way. As it's adjectives built-in, it's probably a case of whip it to a shop for repair.

Pins straight...

Laptop set to use the vga port

Resolution and refresh contained by the correct range?

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