Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want to vend a current Intel Original P4 845 GVSR Mother Board. Anyone interested to buy?1.5 Yrs warranty moved out?


can you make a contribution us more info about the motherboard ie produce and model and how many pci slots, does it hold an AGP 8 speed slot , any sata ports or ide ports or what exactly, also how much do you want for it and how much for P&P etc ?
can you please describe the reason for selling it?
relate the price
yeah I am intrested in buying GVSR motherboard.

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my id is dreamzforever36
Tell the price

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I want to find a flat blind monitor/t.v?

i want to hook my cable and ps2 up to a flatscreen notebook monitor. ive seen it done previously but i dont know how to go in the order of doing it.


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Cable t.v., flat screen moniter, PS2. You are unquestionably participating in the free and instigate market.
You could catch a box like this one, where on earth you hook up the antenna and composite inputs and it will output via VGA cable to the monitor:

You have to hold some kind of device that make the pieces compatible but I don't know what it's called...look around at wager shops or used computer stores.

I used a VGA splitter but the both monitors show alike item?

How do I show the monitor displaying diffrent things?

Thank you.


You have need of a dual display video card. Any splitter will output the same piece on both ends.
yea its coming from the same nouns so it will show the same point. u need to connect the other monitor to another nouns besides the 1 the 1st monitor is using.
you need two video cards or better a video card near two outputs. not a splitter (think about it, it a short time ago splits the signal into two streams)
If its both coming from the same place what do you expect?
one computer give 1 video signal no matter what you do it cant hand over 2 or more its not logical.

if you want to display 2 different things on 2 different monitors you should work on 2 computers.
If you split the existing signal why would you expect it to be different?

You want to get a dual person in charge video card, or get a second video card that will co-exist next to what you have very soon.

Plug each monitor into an moving output and then run the desktop contained by extended mode, which will stretch it across both monitors.

I use an DG965Ry mother board i hear that it have an 3000X graphics controller which supports dual display..?

If thats right.Where can i connect the other monitor at hand s no slot given for that...even on the mohter board i can find only the 9 pins on the blue wad but not 15 so where can i connect the other monitor? and surrounded by the dual monitor does the same article appear or we can workout independently ?


If there is solitary one connector, then you can not draw from dual monitor support. You can use a splitter type device, but each monitor will enjoy the same picture. You would involve a video card with dual outputs to accomplish this.
You will want a video card that supports multiple displays.

I turned on my computer as usual to check my emails and my computer monitor is lately showing a black eyeshade.?

I turned on my computer as usual to check my emails and my computer monitor is in recent times showing a black screen. I thought my monitor have went out so I go bought another monitor hooked it up and I'm getting the same point a black screen. Can someone report to me possibly what this issue is before I hold someone come out and fix it.


Need more detail... When you turn computer on, do you get start up nouns and all? if so afterwards check your graphic card since you replaced monitor. that could be problem since computer loads up completely.
Is the monitor plug contained by where it's supposed to be?

If so consequently you need a modern monitor
If a new monitor still shows a black blind, maybe it's your video adapter inside the computer go bad. Buy another video adapter, sympathetic the unit and install it contained by an empty PCI or PCI-Express slot, close the cover and start the component. Some configuration may be required.
First off, check your plug for the monitor. Additionally is nearby a blinking underscore dash at the top left side of the monitor. next make sure that adjectives external devices are either plugged contained by like they should be. afterwards check to make sure near is nothing within your disk drive and CD drive, some dvds over-ride the computers automatic start up procedures. if its not these things after it might be your video card, and if you dont have a video card than its your mother board's on-board video card.

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I reflect my CRT monitor is quite close to demise, is the woolly imprint to the right of paper and graphics a sign

i've get a ghosting effect where everything is replicated as a ambivalent imprint about 3 or 4mm rotten the the right. this is really annoying especially when looking at photos.

should i start saving for a LCD monitor?


I reason you got a burn-in problem. You should draw from a LCD, since CRTs are outdated and strain your eyes.
It could continue to work for awhile near these symptoms, but if it is annoying to you (and it would be for me) start saving.
Your right let go for a LCD You could have a shop adjust the focus pot for you

I somehow accidentally changed the location of my laptop to portrait. How do I obtain it stern to outlook?

This is frustrating! Can someone please relief?


Didn't really say what model/make of laptop or operating system you are running.

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