Friday, September 17, 2010

How to remove a stain on monitor eyeshade?

I am have difficulties in removing a stain on my Sony Artisan Monitor. I enjoy tried Screen Guardian cleaner to no avail. The stain is transparent but it has a complex whitish edge to it.


Hiya Ernie,

I really approaching what Jan has to volunteer but if Screen Guardian was ineffective afterwards Windex or vinegar may not do the trick. You did not mention if it is a CRT or an LCD which makes a short time difference. If the stain refuses to cooperate next to the obvious, I use fastener polish remover which is Acetone. It will remove anything up to Crazy Glue from glass. Try a tiny bit within the corner first because I suspect you have an LCD and some surfaces are hardened plastic that touch like cup. If you know it is glass, regardless of the type of monitor, travel for it; Acetone will not hurt glass.

I hope this help you get that stain out.

Check the almanac of the monitor first. CRTs come with diverse coatings. The manufacturer will usually recommend a cleaning agent.

That said, I merrily use WinDex on my CRTs and LCDs with great results. If the whitish stain is a calcium deposit you might enjoy better luck with a bit of vinegar.

Note: Try any of these design in a corner of the monitor where on earth you don't care if it leaves a stain of its own. No warranty given. Your mileage may come and go.

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