Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How do I turn a PC monitor into a TV?

I've hear bad things almost cheap TV tuner cards but don't want to break for an expensive one. Is there anywhere that I can bring back an adapter to turn a coaxial signal into anything that can run on an LG L206WTY-BF? Or is there anywhere I can bring an HDTV for less than $250 next to at least a 20'' widescreen that will connect to a computer?


This monitor is 21 and go up to 1600X1200 pixles! For the TV tuner, has a right $50 tuner! The total cost is $250!!!!
A lot of the larger, more expensive LCDs have S-Video, composite video or even component video inputs, so they can connect to a TV tuner/cable box/TiVo/etc.

I suspect finding one for $250 will be frozen though.

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