Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How do I project video from my laptop onto my TV?

I hold an S-Video output on my laptop and a SONY HD TV. I wanted to stream video or play video clips on the TV, instead of watching them on my laptop peak. I can see my desktop on the TV, but all video clips, any as a window or full eyeshade are blank on the TV, though they look fine on the laptop screen. Any planning?


On my laptop, I have to switch the display solely to the TV and after video clips and DVDs will show on my TV screen. Otherwise, I capture the blank box on my TV that you describe.
Set the TV as the primary display and not the laptop. (right click on the desktop, properties, settings.)
If you are using Windows Media player, you need to turn past its sell-by date overlays.

In Windows Media player, go to tools>options>enactment tab>click advance button on bottom>deselect use video mixing renderer.
There is usually a setting for multiple monitors below display properties. You can set it to display on the TV or both. Some laptops have shortcuts next to a function key to switch also.

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