Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I turn sour my iMac eyeshade? Not sleep!?

I run a VNC program from home which allows me to use my iMac at work. However, I don't want ethnic group to just know how to sit in fron of the iMac and study everything I do. With a PC (or external monitor) you just will the monitor turned off but you can still see the display at home through the VNC nouns. Any ideas?


Hiya Jason,

A couple of years ago I be using VNC regularly and there be an option to see Screen Blanking on the host. When you connect from your office the display will jump black co your activity cannot be see by anyone in the room next to the imac. I have forgotten exactly where on earth in the program the picking is located. You did not mention what Operating System you are using or what flavor of VNC.

A bit of research shows that UltraVNC and HelpDesk VNC both advertise peak blanking so maybe your edition has it built contained by but you never noticed.

Alternatively if you use hardware controls to drop the brightness on the imac display, this would also do the trick.

Here is a join to UltraVNC:

Here is a link to HelpDeskVNC:

I hope you find a solution that works.


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