Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i use my bigscreen tv as a monitor for my laptop?i hooked s video to s video and nil shows up.?

i go into control panel and i think i made the right settings but i am still not getting it.


When I hooked up another TV/Monitor to my laptop this is what I have to do:

I first had to find the correct setting that the TV have to be on to work with the PC. You'll know because the PC milieu should show up on the TV screen. It vary by every computer, every monitor, and every TV. The manual should provide apt guidance.

Then all you hold to do is drag something off the computer peak and it'll start showing up onto the TV screen -- it is pretty dapper... just dragging stuff subsidise and forth :)

If you don't have the TV on the correct setting, it won't work. And once you hook up the TV you mostly have to restart the computer for it to work.

Good luck next to it -- having the two monitors is really dapper and handy.
Make sure your TV is swicthed to S-Video!

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