Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i turn my out-of-date detached laptop monitor into a divergent monitor that can plug into my current laptop p

I own a TFT screen i.e. in well-mannered shape. I would love to put it to use. either as a tv peak or a computer screen. can i do anything to label it pluggable into my laptop pc? any other suggestions?


The cost to do this would be give or take a few as much as to buy an LCD monitor. You need LCD controller logic and they cost more or less $150-250. That's not including the other work you have to do to modify it.

I would recommend you just eBay your TFT eyeshade to someone who needs spare parts to fix an feeble laptop and use that to buy a new LCD monitor for your current laptop.
Get a VGA to VGA cable (check both eyeshade and your laptop to see if its female or male) and plug it contained by and on your laptop have it out put to VGA.

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