Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i specify my monitor card type ,thankfulness?


I'm not fairly sure what you are asking but I have some guesses.

1) If you indicate, How do I find out what type of Video Card I have afterwards do this:

Click start, right click My Computer, choose Properties, click on the Hardware tab, click Device Manager, click the plus next to Display Adapters. Anything scheduled here is (are) the video card(s) you have.

2) If you be determined, How do I change my Screen Resolution next do this:

Right click on your desktop, choose Properties, click on the Settings tab, choose a resolution from the list, Click Apply, Click Yes, Click OK.

3) If you want to find out anything roughly a specific monitor or video card, find the model you have and type it into Google, (or Yahoo!) or ask it here.

Hope this Helps!

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