Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I seize my icon on the computer rear to everyday?

The icon r huge I need 2 fix them please relieve me


Victor, Right Click on the Desktop, Properties, Appearence, Effects, Make sure the Make Icons Bigger Box is unchecked, Good Luck
Start> Settings> Control Panel> Display> Settings tab change eyeshade resolution to a higher one.

Hope this help

you should give detail of what glass your are using now.

if XP run to properties-appearance-go to effect.

if you in Vista you can simply press CTRL+scroll on desktop eyeshade. its up to you.
1. Right click on your desktop.

2. Click on Properties

3. Choose Settings

4. Adjust the Arrow by Screen Resolutions

..(move the arrow toward more)

5. You will be asked if you want to turn off your computer and restart it. Choose YES.
here is how to breed them smaller.1. Right Click Desktop + Choose “Properties”

2. In the Properties Window click on the “Appearance Tab” at the top.

3. In the Appearance Window click on the button called “Advanced”

4. In the Advanced Appearance Window choose “Item:” from the drop down catalogue and choose “Icon” and you can choose desired Icon size. By default plentiful users will see 32 x 32 pixels but this can be changed to whatever you want.thats how you do it if you want to preserve your resolution like it is,but for then you can metamorphose your resolution by clicking start,control panel,apperance and themes, afterwards click change the comptuer resolution and next you can change it to a better one if your computer can do it,then click apply after ok,then follow the instructions at the origination i gave you to tuning the icons to the size you prefer.
Go to outlook and unchack on the box to release you icon inn.

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