Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i catch my computer to work and stay on?

when i turn it on it get to the welcome peak. it stays on for bout 20 mins and stay on the welcome peak. then it restart over on its own and hold on to doin the same piece over. i was wondering is it anyway i could take it to work again?


The same thing happen to me! (such a pain!)

I found out it be because the battery have run out. You can try replacing the battery or if that doesn't work it could be a loose nouns. To fix this place some aluminium foil in between the battery-operated and the socket.

If its not the battery it could be the bios. The bios is a small program that is to say made just to boot up the system. To bring back into the bios press the delete button continually and it should pop up. When it comes up select PC health and make sure nought says 'fail' ( you can also check the mobile here). Now check in the standard CMOS for matching thing.

If none enjoy this has proved anything its probably simply your hard drive man too old. You can replace it but its probably better simply to buy a new one.

Hope that helped- suitable luck!
You did not say what OS. If XP start it contained by safe mode by holding the F8 push button as the power comes on. When the menu appears, select safe mode next to networking. Go to and run housecall. If in that is nothing found, Go to Help/Support and use Restore to try reverting wager on to a previous date. What the problem sounds like is a driver i.e. corrupt due to upgrade or even a bad sector on the disk. Also the driver is possible throwing an interrupt that can inflict the restart. I hope you haven't been downloading files near a P2P software. If so just give or take a few can guarantee a Trojan.

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