Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I hook up my xbox360 to a computer monitor?


Purchase a VGA adaptor from Microsoft. It's legitimate easy, only plug it in and configure your console's display settings.

The simply downside to this that I can think of (as unwilling using a HD TV) is that most PC monitors do not come with built surrounded by speakers and if they do, they are quite horrible...

And Xbox360 games are roughly optimized for Widescreens... so running it on widescreen on a small PC monitor (that's not widescreen) will make the display even smaller. But, the picture quality looks pretty glitzy even on my office use 19inch $200 LCD. It's only, kinda small compared with my friend's 50+ inch HD TV... but most of us can't afford $3000+ TVs and even if we could it'd be placed contained by a living room where you'd procure less time to play on your 360. Anyways, right luck!
You just call for to buy the Xbox 360 VGA cable.

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