Monday, September 13, 2010

How come my RAM clearly fits surrounded by the contraption but my monitor wont turn on?

is it only just because its too much memory or my monitor wont just turn on?


That can be deeply of different issues, check to make sure to be exact the correct DIMM module, speed, pins etc. Make sure your Motherborad supports that ammount of RAM, for example this computer I am on now, supports at MAX

1GB of DDR PC2700 (333hm), so if I would put 1.5GB, it would be to much.

Also, if it is correct, try to nick the DIMMS out, and re-set them, maybe it looks fine, but really is not.

Then check to brand name sure you did not accidently un-plug something like your not easy disk, or a card came loose, check screw and wires inside. Check outside in the put money on to, for your cabeling to be snug, lots of times a plug, or cable might just come out of its socket, or lately to loose. Usally problems like theese are merely little quarks that require a small adjustment, or fix. If the computer worked fine before you bought the RAM, it should be something small.

Also only just keep contained by mine these chips are manafucatured in millions contained by china, or thiland, etc. It is Verry possible to just find a defective pice of equipment. If all the above dont resolve it, and it is the correct bump, and ammount for your motherboard, it could be just a unpromising RAM chip.

That is about adjectives that it could be, check your BIOS to see if it tells you what your MAX ammount is, not allways though.

Hope this help!
is the memory the correct speed . also have you check you monitor nouns and is the power plug pluged in
If you penny-pinching video ram; when you put in a video card, you have to plug your monitor into the hot plug on the new video card. Not where on earth the video used to be plugged in.

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