Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I win a notebook monitor to be used as a cctv monitor? I hold a indemnity camera and a nice lcd monitor, how

I want to use a notebook monitor to view descriptions from a security camera. The camera have rca type out puts, but the inputs to my monitor are for the computer. Is there any route to connect the two without a central investment?



There are two ways to do this

1) As mentioned already, try a TV tuner card which allows you to connect a RCA type connection to the PC. You can next use the PC as normal near the ability to break open a window to scrutinize the video. This can be full screen or adjustable to a smaller size. You can buy from Circuit City surrounded by USA or Maplin in UK. The TV card comes as a PCI card to install inside the computer or as a USB device. See more info from factory owner for more information. Costs from $40

2) If you want to connect the Camera directly to a PC TFT monitor, then you will inevitability a VGA convertor. This takes a RCA type nouns and converts any video to VGA and connects to the VGA connection as on the rear of your monitor. Again, these are available at Circuit City or Maplins. This costs more though but is the only instrument for a direct connection. Costs from $80

Hope this info help
Yes... You need a tv tuner card and a small software program. The camera should also own coaxial type output as well... so simply connect the coax to the tv tuner card, run the small software program (there are moderately a few, so try 3 or 4 and stay with the one you similar to best) and you can watch the camera contained by its own window any time you approaching on your computer (provided you have installed the tv tuner card surrounded by your computer correctly)

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