Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i fix my computer blind if it turn sideway??


ctrl+alt+arrow switch in the direction you want to rotate.
Turn it rear?

Sometimes there is a moment or two button you have to press once you've turned it.

If you plan that you've changed that orientation via the operating system, you probably enjoy Microsoft Windows and pressed crtl-alt-arrow instead of crtl-alt-del.
Follow this procedure if your desktop mysteriously ends up rotated or upside down.

Press Ctrl-Alt-h

If for some reason, the above does not work, try the steps below.

1.Go to: Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display.

2.Click Settings tab.

3.Click Advanced.

4.Intel Extreme Graphics or Intel Random (screen icon)

5.Graphic, Properties

on the bot tom of your monitor at the bottom you should enjoy 4buttons one is exit 2in the mid and one on the right . push the one on the right that says menu .once it comes up it show you how to fix your peak use the arrows to get to the one you want
Try pressing cntrl alt and different arrow key in combination.

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