Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i use my TV as a computer monitor?


You entail a video convertor box. This allows you to plug a computer monitor cable into a mini box that then go into your TV VIA a RCA jack. They are available at Radio Shack, Circuit City etc. However the pixel-rate of a TV is not near as flawless as a computer monitor. You can buy a used 17 in TUBE monitor for as little as $ 20 contained by most cites now.
Well, you couldn't really use a non-HD tube for a computer monitor.

The resolution would be way too low and primer would be too blurry to read.

To answer your question, we would necessitate to know what model television and what model computer.
find out what type of input your TV have and what output your computer has. If you hold a newer HDTV most of them come with VGA or DVI/HDMI inputs which are enormously common outputs on graphics cards. However next to an older TV or elder video card it may be harder to do it.

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