Monday, September 13, 2010

How Can I create the icon bigger on my laptop. Thnaks?


If you want categorically everything to be bigger, right-click on the desktop and press properties. Choose the settings tab and REDUCE the values under eyeshade resolution.

Alternatively, choosing the Appearance tab and changing the Font size drop-down box to Large Fonts might support.
ok, right click on the desktop and click on the properties. Then click appearance tab. Then from item drop down list choose deity and then tweaking the size.
The easiest way is to right click on your desktop and dance to properties, then click on the settings tab and next click on the advance button. Change the drop down from 96 dpi to 120 dpi. This raise everything's size while keeping your screen resolution indistinguishable.
For windows xp, i not really sure. But for window vista, you can right-click on your mouse, then arrange deity.. change to voluminous icon.

Good luck!
Right click on Desktop, next choose Properties, Appearance tab, Advanced, then below Item choose Icon and change the size. Hit OK and next Apply.
Right click on the desktop and then select properties. Select Appearance tab and next click the button visual effect and finally choose the box big icon, something like that. (I do not know name in English because I use Xp within Slovene language.)

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