Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I connect the av output of a camera into a laptop and hide away it?. Shell I use the laptop as monitor?


if the cam doesnt hold usb or firewire then you will most potential need a pcmcia or express card beside the proper interface ports and some capture software of some sort ...
you want a way to adopt input

most likely rca or svideo, alot of tv tuners(look for a usb model beside input) will allow you to record realtime input(with the bonus of anyone able to survey tv)

there is also devices that are specifically for input(such as 1s intended for converting vhs to dvd) that dont enjoy a tuner but allow you to display and record video input
Unless you hold a laptop that has parts specifically for that, you will own to use some other connection. There is probably a USB port on the camera if it is honourably new. If within is no other connection for facts transfer, you probably will enjoy to take it to a video-editing shop, and they can put it adjectives on a DVD or such.
You can get a invasion card for your laptop

this will let you hook up stuff beside the RCA jacks or s-video. The card will also most likely own a TV tuner in it, so you can scrutinize TV.

I've actually never used one of these so someone else should verbalize about this.

(one crucial thing when buying one is to see the interface -- PCMCIA (a slot), Express Card (a slot, newer), or USB)
There are some devices that will convert composite video + audio and convert it to a digital signal.

If your camera have USB 2.0 or firewire (AKA IEEE 1394) outputs it will be a lot better power. If you need the drivers check the camera manufacturer's trellis site.

If your camera has firewire but your computer does not, a firewire card will cost around the same as an AV converter, but is much better feature.

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