Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i connect another monitor to my laptop that have a broken blind?


Is nearby a reason you can't merely plug a monitor into the back of the laptop? I've never see one that did not have a monitor port, or be it damaged as in good health? Are you sure its the monitior and not something like a virus or bleak video drivers?

You can replace the monitor on the lap top, its not even that thorny on most of them but you'll need to offer more info on the type you have. Contacting the service department for the company that made it may be a better route to get started.
seize an external monintor, and just plug the adapter to the final of ure laptop, there is a sign of a monitor which you should see.pious luck
Also when you plug a external monitor into a laptop, some of them you need to use a special push button stroke to switch to it, like a function key-f7

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