Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I scrutinize TV on my computer monitor (without a computer)?

I hold a flat screen computer monitor that I want to use as a TV. I DO NOT want to use a computer to do this. My current tv is really small (14) and my computer monitor is 17. I also hold cable, so I would want to use that too.


really .u do need to use the workstation to do it and u need to return with a tuner card and plug ur cable or attena into it ...

Just buy this:

First check what kind of output your Monitor accept. The two main types are VGA and DVI. Typically elder monitors accept VGA while newer ones adopt DVI. DVI has far more pins after VGA and typically has a cross looking item on the connector, VGA doesn't.

If you have a VGA monitor purely buy a RCA to VGA adapter and connect your monitor to your cable. Otherwise you'll need a a bit expensive RCA to DVI converter.

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