Monday, September 13, 2010

How can i connect my DVD player to my notebook and examine show on my notebook peak?


you know that entry that slides in and out, very well it aint a coffee holder, it is a dvd rom. Use as normal.
With a F nouns wires, if you have an nVidia.
PCDVD Rom drive.
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not sure apt question i look forward to the answers (good luck )
Need a video card beside a video in nouns, usually found on tv tuner cards..
1. If you want to watch DVDs on your computer, the best mode is to purchase an internal DVD player for the computer itself.

2. If you really want to connect your DVD player or VHS VCR to your computer you can do that as follows:

a: Purchase a TV Card for your computer, or a replacement video card that has a TV card built into it. Price: $75 and up.

b. The TV Card will own a coax input on it. Simply connect your DVD/VCR to the TV card with a coax cable.

c. The TV card will come next to software that lets you see content from the DVD/VCR.

Note: You can also connect your cable TV input to the DVD/VCR so that you can watch TV channel on your PC too.

Good Luck.
Blue tak ... Hey it worked for Mr Bean.. take the DVD push the DVD slot button on your PC ..insert the DVD and WMP11 or FJS MP will do the rest...You can very soon chuck the redundant DVD player out the window..out of curiosity.. are you still using a compact disc player etc..hang on to them surrounded by ten years they will be collector's items

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