Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I changethe device driver surrounded by my laptop, when the monitor,though working, is blank?


First of adjectives check the blue colored video cable connected to the back of the monitor.check if to be precise fitted properly.if that is try disconnecting the video cable and check if in attendance is a monitor self test side or anything of that nature comes up..if its does next your monitor is fine...u might need to check the motherboard or the video card
you cant transformation it as you can see anything...if your having problem next to video output..try getting another video card then put it to you boot your pc...after booting..shut down after re insert the old video can very soon get a video output if you mest up beside the driver...

hope this help you.
Boot surrounded by safe mode later change the device drivers that are giving trouble. In out of danger mode windows loads with the sole purpose minimum hardwares and devices, including monitor with argument 256 colors settings.

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